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The LaGasse Custom Ag. Hedger is designed to mount to an Orchard Tractor’s Front Three Point Hitch; Allows either Cat 1 or Cat 2 mounting (Other attachment options available).

Hedger has a single, vertical Cutter Bar mounted 3’-8” (1.12m) to the right of the center line of the Tractor.

Cutter Bar is approx. 11’-0” (3.35m) long with lower end of Bar at approx. 12” (.30m) above the ground.

Cutter Bar is ‘sickle bar’ type with bolt-on, replaceable Knives; Cutter Bar is mounted to a tubular steel Mast.

Knife up/down motion is accomplished with a heavy-duty gear-driven.

Shuttle Drive powered by a directly-coupled Hydraulic Motor; Shuttle Drive Gearbox is mounted at the bottom end of the Mast.

Mast is supported by a Mast Pivot at the outboard end of ‘Tube-within-a-Tube’ of the Main Support Tube; Main Support Tube is located approx. 2 feet (.61m) above the ground.

Mast Pivot allows Mast to be tilted inboard 25 degrees to outboard 20 degrees from vertical by means of a Hydraulic Cylinder.

‘Tube-within-a-Tube’ allows Mast to be erected vertical for operation or reclined horizontal along right side of Tractor for transport/travel; Mast erect/recline feature is Hydraulic Cylinder assisted.

Hydraulic Cylinders, plumbing on the Hedger and a 15 foot (4.57m) Hose Kit are provided.

At least three (3) Hydraulic Control Circuits will be required on the Tractor to which the Hedger may be mounted:

  • Mast Fold UP/DOWN as a Selective Control Valve
  • Cutter Bar Slope IN/OUT as a Selective Control Valve
  • Shuttle Drive CUT/OFF Valve controlling continuous hydraulic flow such as from Power Beyond (10 gpm minimum hydraulic flow recommended).

Maximum recommended caliper of limb cut is 1 inch (25mm); cutting more than one 1 inch 25mm) caliper limb at one instant may damage the machine.

The LaGasse Custom Ag. Hedger is used in high density plantings to trim branches back to a uniformly sloping vertical plane to allow buds to develop into a fruiting wall. Buds develop into fruit with nearly equal access to sunlight. The resulting fruit is more uniform in color and size. Mechanically assisted harvest can be accomplished more efficiently with less damage to fruit since all fruit is located in the same plane.

* Due to extreme Market Volatility- Both Price, availability and delivery are subject to change. All prices to be confirmed at time of order. All quotes are subject to prior sale.