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Orchard Maintenance

Orchard Maintenance Trailer

Maintenance Trailer


This Maintenance Trailer by LaGasse Orchard is ideal for getting out into the orchard / vineyard to do maintenance tasks (pruning, hand thinning fruit, trellis work).  Trailer has of vertical adjustment for both front and rear platforms.  Standard deck 6 foot wide x 5 foot long (but can be customized).  Decks extends out to 11’ 6”.  Rear axle is adjustable for direct tracking with the tractor.  Front and rear platforms are height adjustable.


  • Hydraulic expanding decks
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Remote tractor driving system

Over The Hood Platform

The LaGasse Orchard Two- Man over the hood platform is mounted over top of the hood of an Open Cab Hydrostatic Transmission tractor.

Wire Payoff

The LaGasse Wire Payoff can be mounted on your orchard maintenance platform or in the back of a side-by-side for convenience and flexibility.  Adjustable braking system to prevent over spooling and 180 degree rotation for easy and safe loading of full wire spools.